High-Quality Pre-Made Orthotics

High-Quality Pre-Made Orthotics Foot or ankle pain or dysfunction is a frustrating and limiting problem for patients - as well as their treating practitioners. Because a high percentage of patients will continue to ambulate throughout their recovery, progress can often be slow and may involve multiple setbacks resulting from their activity or footwear choices. This is where the Control360 pre-made orthotics offer an effective solution, so patients can stay controlled and supported on their journey to recovery and pain-free living. The Control360 range is made with the precision and data of 500,000 foot scans that have been analysed to create 3 unique correction and support profiles. This is the largest analysis to have been performed to date, and gives the 360 range an evidence-based foundation that is representative of a large population of men and women of all ages, activity levels and foot sizes.

Designed & Quality Controlled By Podiatrists

  • Having been designed and quality controlled by a laboratory owner and multiple Podiatrist, the Control360 pre-fabricated range is made to help ease a range of common foot problems. From the way they sit beneath the foot to the materials from which they’re crafted, these help your patients feel confident, stable and in control on their feet.
Because each pre-formed orthotic has the features to alter foot positioning and function, they will not be available for the general market and can only be prescribed by health professionals. We recommend prescribing them following a consultation and easily making any necessary adjustments, or using the Control360’s as a fantastic and inexpensive diagnostic tool for evaluating the potential benefits of a custom device for your patient’s rehabilitation. With many sizing options, we give you full control of ensuring the perfect fit for your patients with easy adjustment of this pre-fabricated range. Other benefits of the Control360 range includes:
  • Support for heels and arches
  • Available in a variety of materials to suit your patient’s needs
  • Can include additional features to maximise comfort, e.g. silicone heel cups
  • Low-cost compared to custom orthotic devices, so a perfect diagnostic tool
  • No waiting time for the orthoses to be manufactured
  • Are designed to last 12+ months, depending on your patient’s weight and regular activities
Pre-made orthotics have been proven in numerous studies to ease the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and improve pronatory control for flat foot types. The Control360 range is 100% Australian-owned and manufactured in Australia’s leading orthotic laboratory, Orthotech.